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The AIDS Drug Assistance Program ( ADAP ) helps ensure that people living with HIV and AIDS who are uninsured and under-insured have access to medication.

ADAP is administered through the Louisiana Health Access Program (LA HAP), which is the ADAP for the state of Louisiana. ADAP stands for AIDS Drug Assistance Program, a funding source available to every state through the federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) that can be used to provide access to medications for uninsured individuals and assistance with cost shares for insured individuals. Assistance is provided through two LA HAP components known as L-DAP and HIP.

  • L-DAP stands for LOUISIANA DRUG ASSISTANCE PROGRAM and covers drug costs for uninsured individuals as well as drug copays, coinsurance, & deductibles for insured individuals.
  • HIP stands for the HEALTH INSURANCE PROGRAM and covers insurance plan premiums as well as non-drug copays, coinsurances, & deductibles for insured individuals.
Eligibility Criteria: 

Anyone who meets ALL the criteria below can apply for LA HAP.

  • HIV diagnosis
  • Louisiana residency
  • Income below 400% of the Federal Poverty Guideline
  • Not eligible for full Medicaid
    • In Louisiana, full Medicaid is open to anyone with an income below 138% of the Federal Poverty Guideline who meets U.S. citizenship requirements, is between the ages of 19 and 64, and doesn't already qualify for Medicare.
Application Instructions: 

You can apply for LA HAP by fax, mail or online.

If you need help applying for LA HAP, contact a case manager at your local community based organization (CBO) or clinic.

Hepatitis C (HCV) Drug Therapy:

State covers some form of HCV drug therapies as part of their approved drug formularies: Yes

To learn more about what HCV drug therapies are on the drug formulary, please visit (go to page #7).


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