ADAP Directory

Directory of AIDS Drug Assistance Programs


The AIDS Drug Assistance Program ( ADAP ) helps ensure that people living with HIV and AIDS who are uninsured and under-insured have access to medication.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Applicants must:

  • be an Oklahoma resident.
  • Have documented HIV infection and/or a documented AIDS diagnosis.
  • Have a physician’s prescription(s) for the drugs listed on the HDAP formulary.
  • Have a monthly family household gross income of not more than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level for those with no health insurance and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level for those with health insurance and applying for health insurance assistance for premiums and program drug formulary prescription co-payments through HDAP.
  • Applicants with health insurance & Medicare D prescription coverage may qualify for health insurance premium and prescription co-pay assistance.
  • Applicants eligible for any third party coverage including Medicaid, COBRA, Insure Oklahoma, employer, Federal Marketplace must make application and access prescription coverage available.
Application Instructions: 
  • The HDAP application and assistance with completing the application is available through one of the designated HDAP access case managers (see list on last page of brochure).
  • The HDAP case manager submits the completed application with documentation to OSDH for review and determination of eligibility.
  • Certifications will be up to 6 months of the program year (April 1- March 31) or calendar year for Med D and Federal Marketplace.
  • Applicants who qualify for third party coverage (e.g. Medicaid) will be given a provisional certification.

For case management, contact one of the following sites: 

For 918 Area Code

3507 E. Admiral Pl., Tulsa, OK
918-834-4194; 800-474-4872
Dept. of Human Services – ACIS
444 S. Houston, Tulsa, OK
800-734-7516; 918-581-2178 or 581-2146
OSU-COM I.M. Specialty Clinic
717 S. Houston Ave, Tulsa, OK
918-382-5058; 800-586-0754

For 405/580 Area Code

RAIN – Oklahoma City
5001 N. Pennsylvania Ste 100, OKC, OK
405-232-2437, 800-285-2273
RAIN – Lawton
1103 SW C #4, Lawton, OK
Dept. of Human Services – ACIS
940 N.E. 13th St., Ste. 2100, OKC, OK
405-271-3325, (800) 884-1572
OUHSC ID Institute
711 Stanton Young Blvd. #430, OKC, OK
Hepatitis C (HCV) Drug Therapy:

State covers some form of HCV drug therapies as part of their approved drug formularies: Yes

To learn more about what HCV drug therapies are on the drug formulary, please visit (go to page #7).


HIV/STD Services Division, Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 N.E. Tenth St Mail Drop 0308
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299

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