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Directory of AIDS Drug Assistance Programs


The AIDS Drug Assistance Program ( ADAP ) helps ensure that people living with HIV and AIDS who are uninsured and under-insured have access to medication.

The VA ADAP has a new name – the VA Medication Assistance Program (VA MAP).

Eligibility Criteria: 

Residency: ADAP applicants must live in Virginia and provide proof.

  • Copy of utility bill with client name and current address
  • Copy of lease or mortgage
  • Copy of current health insurance /health coverage bill with client’s name and address
  • Copy of official records/document issued by the state (such as a driver’s license or photo ID card)
  • Required Medical Documents: HIV Diagnosis Status complete with HIV Medication List

Insurance Coverage: Each applicant will be screened by the ADAP Central Office to see if they have health insurance. ADAP may be able to help with client cost shares (medication deductibles and copayments) under insurance.

Income Criteria: Each ADAP applicant qualifies if their individual or family income is less than 500% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). If the individual or family income changes it is the duty of the client to advise the ADAP Central Office.

Medicaid: Clients must not qualify for or have Medicaid. If a client loses their Medicaid coverage, ADAP can provide medication assistance.

Application Instructions: 

To enroll in VA MAP clients must apply through the VA MAP Central Office or through the Virginia Commonwealth University Health Systems (VCUHS) Financial Services (if clients receive services there). Incomplete applications will be returned to provider/sender and no further action will be taken.

Clients may complete the application themselves and mail and/or fax to the VA MAP Central Office (Fax 1-804-864-8050, Toll Free Fax 1-877-837-2853)

Mailing address:
Virginia Department of Health, HCS Unit
1st Floor, James Madison Building
109 Governor Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Clients may call the Medication Eligibility Hotline (1-855-362-0658), and staff will help with the application process. The application will be mailed to the client to sign and provide supporting documents.

The VA MAP application is used to apply for all VA MAP Service Options. Once the client’s application is complete, the VA MAP Central Office staff will determine the service option that best meets the client’s needs.

Hepatitis C (HCV) Drug Therapy:

State covers some form of HCV drug therapies as part of their approved drug formularies: Yes

To learn more about what HCV drug therapies are on the drug formulary, please visit (go to page #7).


Virginia Department of Health, HCS Unit
1st Floor, James Madison Building 109 Governor Street
Richmond, VA 23219

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